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Silver Pearl

Silver Pearl is a three way hybrid developed in the early 90’s. Early girl, Skunk 1, and Northern Lights make up this tasty strain. Silver Pearl buds glisten with trichomes yet are not as overpowering as the “white” strains. Silver Pearl is very robust and finishes early making it a great strain for novice growers. The flavor is surprisingly fresh and not too skunky. Yields could be of commercial interest.

• Plant Height: Medium; Indica/Sativa Mix
• Buzz Type: Stoney yet High; All-Around Buzz
• T.H.C. Level: Medium; 8-15%
• Flowering Weeks: 7-9
• Yield (Dried grams per square meter in a Sea of Green): 400-500
• Harvest Month: Sept.-Oct.

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So easy to grow, finished under 9 weeks.
Buds from this baby were some of the best

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