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Psilocybe Mexicana - Flesh Of The Gods

If you’re a fan of the normal Tampanensis and would like to step it up a little and to go to the next level, the Psilocybe Mexicana is a good option. The species has been known by the tribes of Central America for over 2,000 years and was consumed for its entheogenic effects. The Aztecs referred to it as teonanacatl (flesh of the gods).

The mexicana is a bit more visual than the Tampanensis and is slightly more energetic. Shayana suggests you go outside, look for a beautiful private spot in the park or forest. Make yourself comfortable and discover how wonderful the world becomes with a little help of Psilocybe Mexicana !


Effects begin 30 to 45 minutes after truffles are consumed. Experience an overwhelming feeling of euphoria, closeness, empathy and creativity. It is also very common to experience strong visual hallucinations, a pleasant body high and fits of laughter.


6 grams - 10 grams
10 grams - 15 grams
15 grams - 20 grams


4-6 hours


Eat them raw, on an empty stomach and clear head, For the best mushroom experience, make sure that you’re in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable and that you take the correct dose. STORAGE: Fresh truffles should be stored in the fridge between 2 to 3 weeks maximum. If you want to keep them longer you have to dry them. After you dry your truffles you can keep them for up to 6 months, kept in a closed box/bag in a cool dry place.


Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis. Health Disclaimer
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Finland , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Customers Reviews Psilocybe Mexicana - Flesh of the Gods Share your experience


Brilliant visuals no negative feelings. I stayed inside so feel like I didn't take full advantage of them I'm planning to do so this time. Brilliant first time trip.


I took about 10 grams on a goa-party (psytrance, best kind of party you can be with mushrooms). Good set & setting, because of the very nice people at the party, warm summer night, very beatiful decoration, good friends of me were there too. Had a middle intense, beautiful trip. Danced in a wavy, slow creative ecstasy. I laid in the grass with a friend of mine, we talked about the stars, flying squirrels, quantum physics and philsophed about the meaning of life. After the trip, I was still in good mood and I danced until the morning. I buyed 80 grams, they were packed in 4 air-proof plastic bags á 20 grams, I think in a fridge you can keep them up at least two weeks. But they are a lot more tasty when they are fresh (They taste a bit sour, earthy, forest-like aroma). An other friend of mine tidied up her room on this mushrooms, said it was very nice, too.

Don't eat a little and see colours. Eat the whole bag and talk to god.


I've tried all magic truffles and i believe the mexicanas to be the most powerful out of the bunch, you get the complete package, the deepness in mind, energy, and visuals. i find the truffles to be similar to the experince of ayahuasca when you take 25gr finaly slice the truffles, soke them in half cut lemon juice for 10mins, eat the truffles and chew in your mouth to a fine paste, then drink the juice. i normaly do yoga breathing techniques to go deep into the body and soul, the dosage and technique is really strong, non experinced psychedelics need not apply.

Amazing visuals. Took 10 grams about 10.00 at nigh and tripped well over 6 hours until 4.00 in the morning. Little bit of a sickly feeling in the gut but nothing to worry about. The grain on my flooring was full on warping and looked like liquid morphing. Absolutely and truly stunning. Got 20g of the dds ill be having in a few days but im gonna bosh the rest of these mexicana tonight. I can't wait. Brilliant product and brilliant people. Hats off x thanks


15g propelled me into the stratosphere. Complete ego death and a oneness with the universe. Highly recommended, but (in case you're as susceptible as me)prepare yourself first Research 'set and setting' especially to avoid bad trips.

We were 6 people and took 5 grams each on empty stomach. Everybody was taking shrooms for the first time.
To be honest, we weren't expecting much from this low dose.

Unfortunately, the conditions weren't great for tripping. We were indoors in a fairly small room and it was night outside.

In the first 2 hours everybody was very quiet. Nice little distortions and body hallucinations.

I personally had nice visuals, especially when I was standing in dark. All my deepest and most profound thoughts and questions seemed so easy to understand.

It was a time when everybody though they went mad. The feeling was quite uncomfortable, and pretty difficult to avoid or ignore.

I definitely recommend taking them in nature and either be alone or with one or two close friends.

The delivery was good and fast. Im going to buy again.


Before i do the review i must make somethings clear.

1)This site is not a fake site that scams people this is a real site with real products.
2)The order arrived really fast in 4 working days.

Now about the psilocybe tampanensis mexicana.I bought 30 grams for me and my girlfriend.We only tried 5 grams each one night and i must tell you that it worked.At the beginning our minds were working different,strange and fast thoughts were coming all the time.That's why they call them philosopher's stones.After a while we start laughing a lot and almost unstoppable(not in dangerous mode but it was nice and funny).We didnt ate more so we didnt have any visions but i am sure that if you eat 15grams you will have visions.

For us it was a nice trip since our mind was working in different way than normally and the thoughts were coming like huge waves.In my opinion it's not for party it's for philosophical research but ofc that's what i believe and i just ate 5 grams.

Excellent distributor. Ship fast and secure to colombia. About the mushrooms I could say ...... Don't abuse.... A dose of 15 is fine we go far and what travell.... Not soo visual.... Very introspective ideal for OBE or self analysis. Very very hard. Very shamanic. Thanks shayana.


Well, the smell reminded me of mold! But the taste was tolerable, like with shrooms. I Suggest you eat it with a very tasty chocolate bar. ;)
Seemed to kick in fast. Mary gave it a quick bang aswell.
Seems to be a very pure substance, no aches or nothing. :)
I took about 8g, it has a nice stimulating effect with color enhancement and quite alot of visual distortion. Next time i would take more tho,
I feel like another wave is hitting me, just came here to give my review,
Happy travels. >:)

These truffles changed my life by shifting my perspective of freewill and consciousness completely. It was almost as if it gave me a humanism and scientism awakening that persists to this day. I realised that our consciousnesses give the illusion of freewill. I came to this conclusion because I experienced intense ego death that enabled me to perceive that all the things in the universe are governed by physics and thus cannot be manipulated. An analogy for this is how when you stack dominoes and topple them, they cause a chain reaction similar to entropy; which our universe is governed by. Thus I was able to deduce that everything on every level, from stars to the most basic form of any existence which is energy; is manipulated by the past in a chronological way. Our freewill arises from all these neurotransmitters and synaptic structures that move in a completely predictable and decisive way. Thus our freewill cannot exist as this what governs our thoughts and actions. We do not decide what we do or think, it is simply a manifestation of chemicals and their randomness. This begs the question, Are we responsible for our actions? Are our choices and thoughts based solely on chemical matter probability? I also realised that time is a skewed concept because if everything does function in a 'domino effect' than at any moment the past, present and future is determined. These insights have changed the way I live immensely. I accept things that happen regardless of what I wanted, I try to use time more productively and I try to have numerous perspectives on a concept since I understand that anything we think is biased through pure chance. I still cannot however wrap my mind around my insights in time. During this trip I had 17 grams of truffles and 4 HBWR seeds.


excellent product. was in laughter for over 2hrs with friend who never had before but really enjoyed them!! really though, u cant put a price on amazing times so this is worth every penny!!!

ok, my interest is not recreational. I seek a deeper understanding of reality(ies). Completely alone, in complete darkness and quietude. In a deep mediative state I got what I wanted in terms of a kind of enlightment on some of the issues I sought answers. I will most definetely continue my studies. Beside that, the effects are very gentle and to the extent of my experience there is nothing to worry about.


As a "virgin" I was a little wary of how much to take 1st time around and probably ended up doing around 10g. Chewed them slowly and although the taste wasn't that nice, it wasn't as bad as the smell!
Started to really kick in after about an hour, maybe less and wow - absolutely amazing. Feeling was pretty intense and very colourful for an hour or so, but continued to feel good for a total of 3 hours.
Would recommend you give it go!

Lovely stuff, yes. It will give quite a journey within. And you might see yourself in past experiences, that will appear disgusting. That indicates that you need to relax and think of the end game. You will most of the time enjoy it.


I live in Germany and for some reason it took 14 days for the order to arrive. This is not a complaint, though, the mushrooms were wonderful and this was the first of many orders I'll make. :-) Just thought I'd let people know that in some cases it might actually take a little longer.

Came in the post today. Speedy delivery only took 4 days to come and am very pleased. Will be having these in a few days. Post details soon. Thanks guys


A friend and I did 10g each a couple of days ago. I'm a somewhat experienced tripper but hadn't done any hallucinogens in a decade so was a little apprehensive and my friend was a 1st timer. Even though we had a great experience we were both left somewhat disappointed with the visuals. We have decided to up the ante and try some high Hawaiians. Just waiting on the super fast, excellent service that we receive from Shayanashop!

Extrange mushroom , very oniric. Best if you are alone or meditating. Could create a mind travel very intense. Don't abuse......respect them , energy of light. Very shamanic.


product arrived in the uk in 7 days, clean and well wrapped The shrooms looked a little like crushed walnuts, but tasted like mould! Crushing them up in a lemon tek with plenty of honey made them a lot more palatable, and intensified the trip...
we did 20g each spread out over a day dropping 5g about every 2 hours. This gave a sustained strong but manageable trip for the whole day with nice visuals, a pleasant happy buzz and no nasty comedown.
Excellent service, excellent shrooms, excellent day on the beach...


Brilliant product and amazing visuals, fast delivery.
Deffo use it again!!!


Clean delivery in 4 business days, packaging is correct and discrete.

Had a wonderful trip :))))))

The shrooms I ordered were all great so far, I'd just like to add some info about the customer service for those who aren't sure whether to order or not.

I ordered three times. I live in Germany, so the order has to cross a border. The first one took about ten days to arrive, the second one four days and the last one unfortunately didn't arrive at all.

As it says in the FAQs I waited 30 days, contacted them and they responed within 24 hours. I was asked to wait another two weeks, get back to them, and when I finally did I was given a voucher for the full price of order that got lost. I re-ordered and it arrived eight days later.

This is great customer service and I'm, really happy with it.

One more thing, because I didn't see it mentioned anywhere. Once you opened the bag the shroms turn black/blueish. Put them in the freezer and don't wait too long.

Thanks guys!


These truffles are awsoom! Made me and my girlfriend laugh for hours, up in a wooded forest on a clear hot day, the trees were breathing with my breath and the warping ground beneath my feet. Highly recommend these beauties :)

15 working days to deliver though I'd put the delay down to our national post service as apposed to this websites business. My friends and I took 10g each, laughter and a calm buzz for 2 or 3 hours. Next time I'll likely try 15 or 20g and aim to experience what people describe here.


Great stuff altogether. I ve done these many times and always a satisfying experience!!! Love it:) Mellow and nice trip, but with higher doses more visual and deeper, deeper...

Best Purchase ever! took a bit of time to get here (14 days) but it was so worth it! took 10 Grams first time and had amazing trip that lasted around 6 hours, visuals and all!


That and this is nice as good.Took 10g with smoke and went to a forest at full moon.Trees were CrystalViolet and ground covered with snow.When i walked by far distance shadows of trees were going with me.COOL!!!

I got the package after 5 days. I took 8-10g or something yesterday, laughing so much that I cried, great fun and a great product. Nice visuals and good feelings. I recomend this product! Peace&dance


A lot of fun! With friends or with your lover, it's pure comunion! Not too heavy (my girlfriend took those for her first time on psycho, she was alright the whole time!) Spread love!

Not being dried, I was expecting more but it makes more sense at the price it was at from them to still be wet.
When I opened the package, it was raining and upon being wetted, they began to leak this blue green psylocin liquid. It was pretty cool.

As for their potency, along with some homegrown fungus friends, they help facilitate a 3 day psychedelic experience. I was not at all disappointed.

Also, I noticed a bit of an alcohol taste when eating them. I wonder if there is some natural fermentation process involved or if it's just how they taste?

Either way, many thanks


It´s very good and nice trip, magic colors and bush kiki. Better inner understanding and very deep experience. Better take in a quiete place and relaxed place. Wana makumba, mambo mambo.

Fantastic!! They did everything it said on the box and more.
After 20 minutes me and the missus were off. She couldn´t stop laughing and I was gone, astral planing!!!
Walking definitely enhanced the experience, I felt so tall.
Excellent delivery and excellent invaluable pot of gold on the internet......BIG UP SHAYANASHOP!!


Have bought a couple of different types of magic truffles, and these Mexicana gave me the trippiest trip. Loads of visuals and pink light. Was amazing! Had a good breakfast, then didn't eat the rest of the day. Took about 10g at 6:00 in the evening, and was travelling till way after midnight. These truffles are the business!

these are a good giggly trip good for beginners wanting a good night in or out the house. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Produit incroyable. Arrive au Québec en 5 jours. Merveilleux.

Die Pilze haben durchaus eine sehr angenehme Wirkung, erhoffte Optics blieben allerdings weitestgehend aus. Schade eigentlich...


I have eaten like 9 gram and I feel like very cool and light was very cool...but i did not saw any hallucination .I think every one must be eat 15 minimum.Of course Thanks shayana

these r beginnet shrooms in my opinion,still nice affects with laughter,good to take with friends,just dont die of laughter.


Very nice. Tried this kind of shrooms the first time, very good trip. I took 4 grams and first thought it wouldn't be enough, but after an hour I noticed that it was just right.
There were not too hard hallucinations I was just very euphoric an enthusiastic. Was comparable to MDMA in the first steps of the trip. Colours were very beautiful, it was sunset and everything was inked in dark orange and red tones. The beautiful contrast of the green leaves was the best thing I've seen for a long time. Very chilly shrooms! Thanks!

Believe me, this site is genuine and I'm so glad that it is :o) If you like mushrooms then these are perfect for you. Descreet and prompt and just bloody lovely, cant wait for outdoor experiences come the summer and bring on Glastonbury.
Cheers Shayana x


Me and a friend went for a big one, we had 15g each. We had an amazing joint experience where we saw the room change color at the same time, totally loved up on the grandeur of the universe. Music.....oh god the music was like a living being moving through us. Enjoy

I recently bought 30g's and shared them with my wife under a full moon. We walked all night the ridgeway up to the uffington white horse and down to Waylands smithy. A truly magical night. they were awsome and I'd advise anyone who wants to know why they're called philosophers stone to take them. You're sure to understand


These mushrooms have creepy power.Respect them!

Just received them today, and havnt taken them yet. they took a while to arrive, but we've had very heavy snow and everything's been running slow. what i am very surprised by is the packaging. i was expecting big boxes like in the photos, which i was worried about, but instead 8 packets arrived shrink wrapped in an envelope. i wouldnt have even guessed myself that they in there. very well done. cant wait to give them a go. i've always been a huge fan of mexican truffles :)


This was very nice, nothing aggressive but easily going. I like strong so i take 1 and half or 2 doses together.

great visuals thank you shayana.

eğlenceli halüsinasyonlar, canlı renkler ve derin düşünceler!



Me and friend took them on an empty stomach, around 4 PM. We went with a car to do some stuff before they kick in.
I felt something already 5 minutes later. 10 minutes later I was quite hit with it, and he felt it too. We changed plans and went back to the apartment.
Be careful, they can kick quite soon. Half a portion was more than enough for best shroom experience so far. Very strong. Very visual.


I took around 10grams each with my friend my first time ever tripping on these and it was the best drug experience so far and ive done every drug under the sun haha but the happiness of it was something i havnt felt in years and the chats i was having with my friend were unreal i have a better outlook on life and decided to stick to only taking these or shrooms i recommend these highly and for your first dose take 10grams.

So... I wasn't expecting much of this to be honest HOWEVER I gotta say I had one of the best trips of my life! I ate about 2/3 of the pack and only didn't down the whole thing cus my friends wouldn't let me ahahah! All of a sudden I felt like I was floating, AMAZING visuals, at a certain point I felt like I was one with the sofa... And all in the world was right where it was supposed to be! ahhah If you're someone that freaks out with the inability of controlling your surroundings, proceed with caution... I just left myself go into this high and I felt amazing. It was incredible!!! Will definitely be getting this again!!


Arrived in 5 working days (7 normal days)to a certain oppresive European country with Draconian laws (you know the one ;) ). Chewed 10gs raw, gave the wife 10gs. We were tripping for 6 hours +. We had amazing sex and then went outside to the nature. Cliffs and the grass turned from green/gray to purple and the green again! Also saw many cartoons with sharp edges that looked Mayan or from that cartoon Kuzco. I could hear every instrument from the Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon album. I also thought deeply about Nietzsche and realised he is just a pseudo intellectual meme. Would do again? Hell yes! Thank you Shayanna.

Yesterday I went outside at a lovely and somehow quit place and had my first experience with mushrooms ever. I took 10 g on a non-empty stomach. After 50 min nothing happened and I got impatient. I took 10 g more, and in the next 45 min both portions kicked in.
Everything sharpened, nature breathed a little. Closing my eyes made bright colours and much self awareness. I had the experience that my body was more a spiret than a physical body. I become as one with the grass and nature beneath me in a very pleasent way. Having read about levels today (1-5) I figure I had a level 2 experience. Recommended for first time users I think.


Die Lieferung lief super, keine Probleme (mit Banküberweisung bezahlt). Es lieft alles innerhalb von 7 Werktagen ab.
Wir haben uns 40g für 4 Personen (alle keine Erfahrung mit Pilzen, ich als einziger einmal eine Ecstasy mit 2-CB) geteilt. Genommen haben wir die Pilze in einem Wald. Als wir angekommen sind, hat jeder seine 10g gegessen und wir haben uns auf den Weg gemacht um einen Platz zu finden, wo wir uns hinsetzen.
Nach ca 30-45min hat es dann ca angefangen, dass der Kopf "leichter" war. Alle Gedanken wurden klar. Man hat sich einfach gut gefühlt (ähnlich wie auf Ecstasy).
Es ist einfach sehr viel passiert, an manches kann ich mich auch kaum erinnern.
Irgendwann haben sich dann überall Muster gebildet, es waren zwar keine krassen Optics, jedoch für das erste Mal doch recht empfehlenswert.
Außerdem haben wir uns zu einem Zeitpunkt zwischen Lachanfällen und Optics dann sehr intensiv unterhalten. Es hat einem irgendwie die Augen geöffnet. Wir haben uns sehr verbunden zur Natur gefühlt und Materielles war uns im Prinzip egal.
So nach ca. 4h war es dann extrem, die Optics waren zwar nicht mehr wirklich da, nur hohe Kontraste, aber dafür kam das gute Gefühl wieder richtig durch. Lachanfälle (mehr als bei jedem Gras, was ich bisher hatte - Ich hatte schon "krasse" Sorten, jedoch war das wirklich ein ganz anderes Level) kamen dann auch hinzu. Kurz bevor der Trip dann das Ende erreicht hat, sind wir nach Hause gefahren und haben uns einen netten Abend mit ein paar Bier gemacht.

Für den Notfall hatten wir auch viel Zucker und Vitamin C dabei, es war jedoch nicht nötig. Der Trip war durch und durch schön.

Great product. The trip was worth every cent!
Paid cash through mail and it worked without problems.


These are the first ever truffles I've tried I felt so joyest no visuals but I didn't mind! . a little bit intense on the come up other then that for first timers this is for you! relax and put on a movie #NEXTFRIDAY! . Gonna try Atlantis next keep ya up dated :D shayana is the best for sure !! First start off on 10gs then work your way up

Very good travel companion..
Take it for the first time (never took any truffle/muhroomms before) and had great visual experience.
But...I took 13-14 grams and after 45 minutes there is no nothing. And then I took rest of 6-7 grams. So took all 20 grams. And after about 20 minutes show started :D :D
So...about 70-80 minutes passed until experience started. I think it's too much time.
Everything stop after 3 hou.
Expected much better experience, but that was pretty good for first time.


The Trip was good but not good as with the Psilocybe Sclerotia - Shayanensis.... Clear visuals and colors, with appropriate background music it's like being in paradise!! (Recommend: Pink Floyd)
the Effect was not intense for the duration of the blow
But for the Beginners it's enough and it still does his dirty work... ;)

Il Trip è stato bello ma non tanto quanto con lo Psilocybe Sclerotia - Shayanensis... Immagini e colori molto nitidi, con la musica appropriata di sottofondo sembra di stare in Paradiso!! (Consiglio: Pink Floyd)
L'Effetto non è stato intenso per tutta la durata della botta
ma per i principianti è abbastanza e fa comunque il suo sporco lavoro... ;)

Very fast delivery to Germany, the package aririved Saturday, order was made on Monday.It even included three free shayana marchandise bracelets, one of each kind. Would be cool if I could rate them too, but no option for that sadly because they weren't included in my personal order. The Adventurer bracelet is awesome and I wore it right away, Thank you very much Shayana!

Now to the review of Mexicana. I am 25y m 88kg. Took it with a friend of mine and made 50/50, everone took 10grams of the product. Before consuming, we cut everything to little pieces. I chewed 5grams as long as I could. The taste is nothing to worry about, I expected it to be much worse. I would relate the taste like old yeast, it does smell like it, too. I put the rest into a strawberry yoghurt cup, good option for those of you that don't like the taste at all.
Trip kicked in after aprox. 1 hour and lasted 5 hours. I have never laughed so much and so heavily as in that trip, I was very happy feeling and full of joy, kind of like xtc throughout the expierence.

Gladly recommend this stuff and will definetively buy again!


Eine tiefe spirituelle Erfahrung gepaart mit interessanten visuellen und akustischen Halluzinationen, der einzige fette Minuspunkt ist der ekelhafte Geschmack und beißender Geruch.

We took about 8g each 3 hours ago. It comes in waves, every wave is different. For me, it is taking my mind to a clearer view of thing, it has many visual, colors seem differently, sometimes it feels like im in water. My friend had a bad feeling, so he took the trip stopper, but im still on the water ;) I think, ill take some more a bit later with an other friend.


UK buyer here.
Ordered them last Friday, got here this Friday so they got here pretty damn quick.
A dose of 9 gram has the same effects as 150mg "1p lsd" bloody great lol
you can not go wrong with this truffle its highly recommened by me personally :P

only negative i have is i got "18.7" gram over the promised "20 gram",
But with 2 strong doses in that, i call that "nit picking" lol.

have fun all will be buying again (or something new you never know) :P

Ordered and came within the week :) straight up just vacuum packed mooshies in a brown envelope! Love it, haven't tried yet but I know they are gonna be awesome!


well, me and my friend got a load and where here within 3 days, (awsome) took some about 20 grams each and were tripping for a good while, bit of advice tho good music and good company is always a benifit. we laughed a lot but if u do take them chew and swallow juice it might taste like sh**e but it hits u quicker we took a load first then chewed some and they all hit us at once but yeah. awesome thank you for the shrooms. it was my friends first time and he enjoyed it.

a good walk is always beneficial.
got loads left for halloween :D

I was guided by a mayan shaman through grassy plains whilst enveloped by the sound of drums and pipe music.


My partner has cluster headaches and these truffles work miracles on relieving his pain. We make tea and then freeze them in ice cube boxes. This way they are always ready just when his headaches start coming. He loves the colours he gets out of them, but the pain relieve is just magic.

Great experience, professional and fast delivery. Me and my two friends shared 2x20g and we had wonderful time during sunny day, although for some short time we were inside in darkened room just enjoying wonderful visuals.Trip lasted for 6 hours, and the rest of the day we were clear headed and very positive. Shayana did it again. 10+ grade from us!


Thank you, Shayana Shop, for allowing people to learn about dimensions that are existing parallel to ours! I am more then delighted with your mushrooms and i will recommend this site for sure. I cant wait to order again!
Delivery of my order was extra fast and extra professional!
Best regards!

I ordered 80g of these, tried 20g last night, and already know i will be ordering more. :-)
I need to check if you can overdose on these things because although 20g was very profound, introspective, loving, and very close to Ayahuasca at times, with a quasi dissolution of ego and getting close to a feeling of One-ness, i feel that it may have needed 25g to get there. I am by no means recommending anyone should do that, however. In fact i cannot recommend anything to anyone, you are responsible for your actions & feelings & decisions, no one else is. I'll add that if you are "psychotic" or mentally instable in any way or even in a victim mentality then i would recommend you DO NOT go close to any of these substances. Victims will always sabotage themselves and take every opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot, even when dealing with substances or experiences that could help them had they opted for a healthier perspective on life. So if you are one to whine & feel sorry for yourself and to reason yourself out of doing what's right for you, then by all means, do everyone a favor and stay away from these things that can teach you because you are not yet in the right place to learn.
Some realisations from this experience : Fear is Poverty, Wisdom is to smile back, we are One, I am God the Creator or my reality, all of it.
The first effects hit about 45 mins in, with a lovely warm euphoric loving feeling creeping through my veins & bones, something typical of shrooms in my experience. Felt absolutelu amazing. By 15 mins later it was even better.
I watched 2 episodes of Suits, the best episodes i have ever seen, enjoyed the shadows of my fingers on the white ceiling of by bedroom, the room & the low light in it was incredible, everything was incredible.
Next time i intend to listen to some Brahms (they say that's THE best music to listen to during psychedelic experiences) and some Mozart (more peaceful & calm). I think i might even do that today, with the same dose (20g, one bag), but on an emptier stomach.
During the night i got extremely thirsty.
I got waves of sexual energy, with a longing for bodily fusion & exchange of energy & fluids. To make love on these must be absolutely incredible.
As said above, i cannot recommend anything, you either want or you don't. But for me, these things are a BLESSING.
Thank you for producing these. If govts had any sense or will to help people they would make these legal all over the world now.


It was a nice first time experience. We were 3 people and shared the bag.
After 30 minutes it slowly started to kick in and we were laughing continuously, though we didn't know about what. We were then going to a club and partying to electronic music and it was amazing! You've felt waves of energy and dancing was really nice and the colours of the light were on the floor all at the same time. We felt like being in a movie and we were asking us: is this really happening at the moment?
All in all I can just recommend these! Good for beginners as they're not too strong.
Definitely worth a try and will order them again! :)

Gestern Abend hab ich zum ersten Mal Pilze gefuttert. Ich fand den Geschmack echt widerlich. Zuerst hab ich 5 gr ausprobiert um mich langsam an die Sache ranzutasten, hab dann innerhalb von 2 Stunden die restlichen 15 gr konsumiert. Erst war mir unglaublich schlecht, aber nur etwa 10 oder 15 Minuten lang. Die restliche Nacht hab ich mich sehr entspannt und wohl, zur gleichen Zeit aber auch energiegeladen gefuehlt. Die Zeit hatte fuer mich jede Bedeutung verloren, es war einfach nur perfect!


Great product, brings happiness, tranquility, and clear thoughts. Eat them with someone whom you trust and feel comfortable in his/her presence it makes the experience even better.

Great service from Shayana. After a minor problem with my order, it was resolved quickly and hassle free. Great product also. :)


very amazing around me change คุ้มค่ามากๆครับสั่งเลยตอนแรกนึกว่าไม่มีอะไรสักแปบทุกอย่างเปลี่ยนไปเปนทริปที่ วิเศษมากครับ very fast delivery 8 days to thailand best shop is shayana

I took 6grams and it doesn't give full effect, but then i smoke some hafnium with this and i get the full effect :3

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