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Nirvana - Bongbastic Psypack

Drop a hit from a psychedelic love trip! This PSYPACK features the latest BongBastic sensation N3xus, a sensual bliss unlike any other, Hawaiinium’s colourful vibrations and Halucium’s amazing visualisations.

Order now and get them all at a special price for a limited time only.

This BongBastic PSYPACK contains 6 pills and includes:
• 2 x N3xus: sublime stimulation
• 2 x Hawaiinium: psychedelic bliss
• 2 x Halucium: magical wonder


Amazing colors and visuals, sensual enhancement and sensory stimulation.


Light: ½ pill
Normal: 1 pill
Intense: 1½ - 2 pills


For the best experience, choose good company and a comfortable environment.


Not intended for human consumption.

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