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You will think you are hallucinating the amazing colours that are emanating from your bong after you use this cleaner. You will feel both mentally and physically stimulated when this bong cleaner starts working.

Expect to see results in about 1h and for the process to be over in approximately 6h. Your bongs tactile sensation will be increase giving you a general sense of well-being.

Have a profound life-changing spiritual experience with this awesome bong cleaner.


Amazing colours and visuals after cleaning, intense bong cleaner.


0,5 pill
1 pill
1,5 pills


1-6 hours


2C-E (15 mg)


Not intended for human consumption.

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I was thinking to add a little bit more overview to this product,the last report was exactly after a trip.
So I have a little more time and tryed to write more specific things about 2 CE.

This stuff really could be intresting for some experienced psychonauts.

As we all now psychedelics come a much more close to anestethic.
And this is very true for 2 CE.
In a trip you really feel yourself like at very high dose of mdma,no stimulation effect.

The second thing it about really high visualisation. It seems 2CE strongly react for that part of psychic which answer for imaginery-eyes sensor-memory complex.

In that way it really destroy the ability to normaly interact with visual part of reality.
It is not like halucinations anymore it become a part of reality. So

for example you can sit in a kitchen and saw something "unusual" than go to another room and when you come back this "unusual" is still in your room or better to say psychic.

2CE gives also a dissociative ketamin like feeling,so you must be ready to live simultaniously another lives of completely another persons, the feeling of death and etc. tricky things ;)

But in general it act more like mescaline at high dose + mdma at highdose.
It is deep,magickal and sometimes hard.But it must be explored due to very tricky visualisation and mescaline like mystical experiences.
Act consciously. Peace.


Great cleaning experience, exactly as described. Suggested that if shared, know how the other(s) clean. The cleaning is not hard to control yet, the cleaners are a different story. If cleaners are revisited by past experiences or memories, watch Bojack Horseman, bad trip. Enjoy.

Extrem visualisation. And it is only begining.Definetly magick ,dramaticaly alive pictures,music ,so deep.Thank you Shayana! Definetly we will try it again.


I put 1 and a half in my bong and began to see the first effects after an hour. Then my bong got nausea and vomited but when it reached the peak, it felt very nice. My bong got very vivid and strong visuals. The cleaner is not as deep as other cleaners, but very colorful and visual! And it is very long lasting, is saw still some effects on my bong, after 8h!

Nice cleaner, but i recommend not to take too much, because of the side effects at the beginning ;)

This stuff really is good!
In swim´s opinion it hits a good starting spot in the psychedelic sector.
It´s not too long-lasting in reference to well-known classics. Regarding time, it even keeps you off of drifting to deep inside your self, therefore long lasting moments of being trapped should´t occur. The shallow introduction won´t left you behind struggling or inquiring too hard, the day after, or even later.

As a (well-considered & self-appointed) psychonaut and a has-been spiritual seeker :D,
Swim once more hasn´t had deep insights since he experienced his psychology seemingly unfolding endlessly before the "inner" eye, made him come to a certain point where there´re no miracles left, which used to produce those individual hallucinations.

But on the other hand the trip however was accompanied by nice optical and acoustical spiderweb-like hallucinations which have to have huge similarities to other reports, as far as he can tell.
As a result he claim it´s less the psychedelic miracles hunting energy which may be experienced from the old-timers, but the substance´s characteristic to interact with the optic nerves.

Against expectations of the substance´s family it must be assumed not to be stressing that much during the trip, since he would avoid combining something psychedelic with something energizing.

Mixing it up well-timed with serotonin releasing substances led to a nice and individual new experience. That definitely is the reason why it can be detected in few techno clubs, from time to time.

Swim never had more than one at the same time but want´s to refer to similar alterations, showing not to exaggerate the dose since there´s a certain point changing to the contrary. Nevertheless swim could hardly imagine to have anyone a bad trip!



WOW!!!! This cleaner took a while to start its cleaning, but once it started it was a very DEEP INTENSE clean... I don't think I have ever seen anytging this good...

attention c'est du lourd ! grosse grosse perche avec 1 p... ne prendre seulement que si on est bien avec soi même sinon prenez garde au débordement!
Effet visuel et ça dure dure dure

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