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Dinafem Feminized Shark Attack

Dinafem Feminized Shark Attack
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Shark Attack Feminised Seeds is an indica dominant medical strain form Dinafem

Shark Attack Feminised
Shark Attack Feminised is a cross of Super Skunk and White Widow. It has a powerful relaxant effect due to its high CBD content and is covered in white resin crystals at maturity. Charactyeristic of its dominant indica genes this strain grows squat and dense with a short internodal length. Its wide, dark green indica leaves are quite pungent and give a good clue as to the intense aroma of the buds as it nears maturity. The smoke of this plant is thick, pungent and very pleasant.

The relaxing quality of Shark Attack makes this useful for a plethora of aches and pains as well as ensuring a good night's sleep. Whilst suitable for cultivation in all environments it can be quite susceptible to mould in damp and humid conditions. Good airflow is recommended. For medicianl use an organic soil regime is best with good flushing in the last week or so. Up to 5 days of continual darkness stimulates extra resin production before harvest.

Shark Attack specifics:
Cannabis genetics: Super Skunk x White Widow
Type: Indica dominant
Flowering: 7 - 8 weeks
Harvest: By mid-October outdoors northern hemisphere
Environment: Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse
THC: 12 - 16%

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