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Dinafem Feminized Moby Dick

Moby Dick is another great development from Dinafem, feminized and a true monster in yield and THC content. The strain was created by crossing Haze with White Widow and has a strong genetic Sativa base. If the plant is grown outdoor, be sure to leave a lot of space between plants, as they can grow real large and wide. The buds have a very sweet pine aroma. Sometimes a plant comes out where the Indica side is a bit more present, which produces plants that are somewhat sweeter than their sativa sisters.

Genetics: Mainly Sativa, Haze x White Widow
Type: Indoor, Outdoor & Greenhouse
Indoor flowering: 9-10 weeks
Outdoor harvest: October
THC: 21% or more

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I gave this strain to my brother so we had some variety(I grow liberty haze) now we have the opinions of the smokers around.... Between Moby and liberty we have the 2strongest strains they have ever smoked, Moby having the added mutation of thcv makes it an instant wack to the brain. And only pot that has ever put me straight to sleep when on copious amounts of amphets... Moby stands in my books as 1 of the best there is.... Well done dinafem.

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