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Strange spots on your bong? Don't trip, cause this inspiring formula expands into every nook and crevice of your bong, giving you a peace of mind like you've never experienced before.


Mild psychedelic bong cleaning, gives your bong a mood lift and will feel euphoric.


0,5 pill
1 pill
1,5 pills


4 - 6 hours


2C-D (50mg)


Not intended for human consumption.

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yes these ones are realy nice I have never had such easy and positive cleaning experience like that,but I wouldnt recommended it to inexperienced smokers. (=


not deceiving product : very psychedelic but no drama at the end of the trip.
but not as sweet as reel lsd

AMAZING.. best cleaning i have ever had, only took one, and was seeing amazing visuals for about 2-3 hours.. really great!!


Wasn't expecting too much, popped one tablet around 15:30 Saturday afternoon, and holy crap! By 16:30 I was drowning in the most beautiful kaleidoscope of colors and swirls I've ever seen, better than philosopher stones by miles, will definetly order again.

Really working product! :) beatiful visuals, "timetravelling" and different feeling not bad. Everything was lighter and seemed like new and beatiful :D Lasted long over 3-4 hours and feeling and visuals were so nice that you didn't want it to go away :D Really great product :) will order again!


This product is really good. 2C-D will make music sound fantastic. It will make your thoughts deep. The visuals are very comfortable.

One warning though: I once drank a large glass of red wine, and I felt that it cancelled the effect of the pill. This may have been a one time occurrence, and it may just be me.

Fully recommended! Start out by taking one pill.

Actually, it turned out to be a very good pill.Just took a little bit longer[than expected] to take effects.And.....
yes,i will definitly order again from this pill. ;)


wow o wow what a very pleasent surprise!!! i popped two into my bong because i had just previously tried 4-fmp the week before and i wished i took two. within 25 mins i was tripping balls hardcore, absolutely best visuals better that any LSD or psylocibe shrooms, lets just say i was swimming on the hard wood floors!!! enjoy my freinds

My reflections and my perception of the world is différent, more fun enven if it's not a situation to laught situation. And wen i was on iridium the word became a sort of tribal game. But be careful, in this worls death is nothing and sometimes you feel realy powerful


I thought I knew this miserable world and that nothing more can amaze me!
Total bliss of creation! So amazing that our riduculous fear of dying is just the craziest thing you ever could imagine
I am speechless, at say WOW million times would not make it.

I took one of these the other day thinking that it would be a mellow i have tried many different types of trippy products and they do work, but not like the real stuff. This does work like the real stuff and i was blown away. Had some heavy visuals and i dont normally get them from the real stuff. I recommend people to try this!


I've tried some of the other bongbastic products, but this one just totally blew me away!!
Totally awesome experience - bliss!

2 Days ago my mailmen brought me package from shayana and I was happy as a little child in the candyshop! I Started cleaning my bong by poppin one BongBastic Xenon pill there,then added water and started clean! I was exited. Then with energetic feeling and a clean bong started smoking Dutch Orage T-Stick out of it.. Nice combo! 8) couple hours later I founded out that my bong was dirty again and decided to try Iridium and after 2 hours of waiting I was peaking hard on my first REALLY VISUAL trip x)

Thanks you shayana! I will order from you again and promote you to my friends ;)


Love these things visualy reminded me of mescaline's colours and felt a nice content loving mandy buzz.

Vraiment costaud,prise a 14h sans savoir quel effets allait y avoir donc j'ai gober la deuxieme du pack et gros gros trip comme dans des clips ou l'on voit les couleurs se changer,a tester,encore perché a 20h pour moi


This was my first time taking a psychedelic drug, so I started with half a pill after not eating anything except for some watermelon. After half an hour I couldn't concentrate on the stuff I had to do anymore, but I'm not sure if that was already the drug or just the fact that it was super hot and I had been working the whole day :D After one hour I felt nothing but super hungry, dizzy, and a bit nauseaous. I kind of felt/thought that these symptoms all were due to the heat, so I took the second half of the pill and put a pizza in the oven. The dizziness and nausea increased and I couldn't sit still while waiting for the pizza. I was really aware of my body all the time and kept looking for signs that the drug was finally kicking in, so I wasn't sure if the walls were really moving or if I just thought they were moving...if you know what I mean :D
90 minutes after I took the first, and 30 minutes after I took the second half, my visuals went crazy for a few minutes: the wooden table started breathing and a satellite picture of my hometown hanging on the wall looked like the houses were crawling around, streets disappeared or got bigger, etc. I wish I could've seen more things like that!
Another hour later (no idea what I did in between, probably sit and contemplate) the dizziness and nausea were gone and I felt quite normal again. In the evening I got some serious headache which didn't disappear until the next day, but again this might be influenced by other factors.

I'm an expierenced bong cleaner and took half of this little fellas and...WOOOOW! this doze just caused great visuals, good feelings, not a psychedelic trip. Really enjoyable!! Definitely will order again!


Superbe, rien à dire, même meilleure et plus puissant que certains vrais Taz ou on sait pas ce qui les compose, magnifique déformation visuelle jusqu'à voir plus intensément les couleurs et même voir les mûr et objet DANSER dans un état général agréable, attention aux novices pour qui cette effet si intense pourrais faire flipper et partir en bad.... sinon pour les autres je le recommande super produits, pourtant je suis très peu sensible aux produits et ai une énorme tolérance et insensibilité à ceux ci, donc si tel effet sur moi, vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés, mais minimum 1pills complète sinon zéro effet...;)

No visuals but that's ok...
Took one on a mountain electronic music festival to clean my bong.
The sun felt very intense and burned on my skin - but in a positive way.
I really enjoyed the music - was dancing with a big smile on my face, felt waves going down from my arse over my spine, hair until to my forehead.
Then after 2 hours it got too much, had to sit down for an hour - felt like forever, lost feeling of time. Once I thought I sat and spoke in a round for 2 hours - looked at my watch - 5 minutes had merely passed.
My feelings overcame me a bit - a friend brought me a glass of water, seeing my bong was a bit too clean - I was so moved by her - I had to cry a little... haven't cried for many many years... :)
Very interesting experience... the next day I used it for cleaning my bong's nose - better to control in my opinion...


Super duper Sache :)

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