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Juicy Roots Cloning Gel

Juicy Roots Cloning Gel
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Special Request


You want every clone to root and thrive all the way to harvest. And you want bigger harvests. Now you can use the new 100% guaranteed cloning gel that gives you higher clone survival rates and bigger yields.

Juicy Roots cloning gel is a new type of cloning gel that makes cloning easier and produces healthier, more harvestable plants.
And although it looks and acts like a cloning gel, it’s also a bloom booster!

The inside story, as revealed in plant science journals like The Journal of Experimental Botany, is that Juicy Roots contains special ingredients that supercharge your clones so more of them survive and give you larger harvests.

Even better, Juicy Roots is very easy to use, without any mess or fuss.

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