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Dutch Passion Dolce Vita

Dutch Passion Dolce Vita
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Dolce Vita is a variety that is ideally suited for indoor growing. It is an F1- hybrid between two Sativas: Power Plant and Isis. In this variety, the Isis characteristics are most outspoken. It is a bright green plant with a nice resin production. Anyone considering growing this variety will not be disappointed.

Dolce Vita has a very clear Sativa "high" effect. A few puffs and you will forget you are smoking. Be prepared to get tranced into whatever you are doing. Dolce Vita is a very potent variety. The taste is rather sweetish, almost like menthol.

Medium yield of hard crystallized buds. Allow two weeks for vegetative growth after the seedling has stabilized, then start flowering.

- Flowering period: 8,5 weeks.
- Harvest time outdoor: begin - half October.
- Size: average.
- Effect: body, but primarily heady.

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