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Shayanashop Pack For Her

Shayanashop Pack For Her
Special Request

Special Request


The Shayanashop put together a few products aiming directly at women out there. Damiana is commonly known as a women's herb. It helps regulating the female hormones, stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism and also acts as a sexual stimulant.
Venicon will stimulate your lust in the moments that you’re not quite in that mood and let you enjoy sex in a more intense way. Viagel helps to stimulate your sexual organs and increase the intensity of your orgasms. All that together with a cute round purse made of hemp.


Fill in the cones with the Damiana and smoke it whenever you feel like. You can also mix it with another herb or with a smoking mix. You can also drink it as tea. Take one or two caps of Venicon more or less 30 minutes before having sex. A drop of Viagel should be applied on your clitoris just before you go into action. Just put the small coin purse on your bag and carry it around city!

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