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Bongbastic Pack 4 Products

Discover the universe of Bongbastic! Experience the full spectrum of bong cleaning sensations with this fabulous variety pack. This money-saving pack provides you with a effective bong cleaner for every mood:

- With Radon, bong cleaning becomes a social and mellow activity.
- When your in the mood for a more fast-paced, social bong cleaning, Xenon is what you want.
- Looking for an explosion of pure psychedelic sensation that will leave your bong shining ecstatically for hours on end? Iridium is the perfect choice.
- For rapid and self-confident bong cleaning action, just blow some white Natrium into your bong.


Not intended for human consumption.
We don't ship this product to:
Sweden , Switzerland

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I bought these products a few months ago and i was pleasantly surprised. Randon is great and as a non smoker, seems to be the best thing out that i have tried. Xenon is great for nights out in clubs.....didnt feel a million miles away from anything else i have taken in clubs.....Iridium is really strong. I took it thinking that it would be ok to take socially......boy was i wrong. Dont ever take this and go to a restaurant with mates!!!! LOL

The best one for me is Ferox. Really good to use socially. Works like a charm and makes you feel like you could conquer anyone!!!

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