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BongBastic’s blue tornado spreads love vibes through your bong for hours, making you feel euphoric and energized.


Energy, Euphoria, Stimulation, Mood Elevation


1/2 pill
1 pill
2 pills


3-6 hours


Not intended for human consumption.
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These pills sure are mother's little helpers! They've turned many depressive days to very productive ones...


hum a lovely product.

Not a rush as advertised but hi quality feeling like legendary 60's captagon (r).

it can lead you to the next day dawn while staying relax if you want to.

4 pills a week-end is a good option

BUY THEM WHILE THEY ARE STILL LEGAL ! had a great time on this , the come down was almost nowhere to be found , 6hour rush all in all excellent drug !
SHAYANA YOU DA MAN ! (well little woman)


It was Ok to clean the bong but it was little bit strong for my bong....good for people always moving and exactly like described but for me it was too stressy. It really cleans up.

Superbe produit, très bon nettoyeur! Efficacité redoutable, résultat très propre: un générique aussi efficace que l'original!
Et pour la petite anecdote, nous avions eu un problème de livraison (rien arrivé en 30jrs), nous avons contacté le service après-vente qui nous à fait un fourni bon de commande de la valeur de notre commande initiale (qui cette fois est arrivé en temps et en heure).
Merci à l'équipe Shayana pour son sérieux, professionnalisme et son sens de la fidélisation!


Really fast shiping , great product!! just perfect! :)

Good and fleeting reminiscent of something I remember from the '91 Summer of Love time. But only fleetingly. At least it was clean feeling the day after and not moreish. This makes it an acceptable substitute despite the smaller amount of fireworks going off on initial ascent. If you had never tried this type of thing before I expect you'll like it a lot.

Best advice - start early, as it can easy make insomnia, although I know some people love staying up all night...


Very good stuff!
Maybe little light for some people...
But a very good option for getting high and most important: you can act very clearly and noone can realize your high. No hangover, no sleepless nights.
It IS for human consumption!

Amazing stuff. Easy to talk with people, great empathy, easy to dance, you have a lot of energy...


These really make you energetic for hours, excellent for music-filled weekend-plans or even just for hanging out. Best effect was achieved with one pill spaced at least two weeks apart. More than one pill, or 1,5mg/kg, gave me a headache rather than good feeling.

Very good effect. After a stressful week, this cleaner do his job. The result gives you a great smile ! I'm relax now :)


Had a slight problem with delivery which Shayana sorted out for me, excellent customer service and excellent product. Many thanks Shayana.

Good product. Used 1 pill for a dirty bong and 1/2 pills for not so dirty bongs, everything as expected.


A very good product! Very Similar to the one going around in the 90's only less powerful. It will give you a very nice feel-good feeling and intensify sexual desire. The comedown in not a problem but I recommend not taking this too often as it can leave you with a strange chemical feeling in your body the next day. But it's a great product to do once in a while and it will really lift your spirits and make you think about all the important things in life, mainly your friends.

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