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Sensi Seeds - Shiva Shanti 2

Sensi Seeds Shiva Shanti 2 has an Afghani foundation, although Sensi Seeds company did not use an everyday afghani to create this hybrid. The strain they selected as a parent was called "The Garlic Bud", a name referring to the penetrating smell and taste of this strain.

Whereas the first version of the Shiva Shanti was a three-way hybrid, the Shiva Shanti 2 is in fact a 4-way hybrid. There's less Garlic Bud, and the addition of another afghani. Fine-tuning was achieved by adding a secret skunk to the mix.

Shiva Shanti 2 presents more of a growing challenge than its predecessor, but then it also beats the taste and aroma of the regular Shiva Shanti.

Type: Indoor & Greenhouse
Indoor Flowering: 45-55 days
Indoor Yield: Up to 100 grams
Greenhouse Flowering: Mid October
Greenhouse Yield: Up to 500 grams
Height: 120-150 cm

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this is Very beatiful shiva shanti i have smoke this ganjs shea it very good


This shit got me and my friends stoned out of ower minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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