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Sensi Seeds - Sensi Skunk

Sensi seed’s Skunk is a strong plant bringing you that typical skunky taste and high. Its large buds and high yield is what every indoor and greenhouse grower is after. Smoke is pleasant to both head and body. Taste is smooth, piney and spicy, with some peppery flavors at times. High is clear, no couch lock or munchies.

Sensi Skunk blooms quickly and is powerful enough to surprise even the most veteran smokers. Sensi Skunk is also an easygoing plant when it comes to growing and flowering, making it a strain that’s rather hard to mess up. Apart from its outstanding results under lights or in the greenhouse, Sensi Skunk will also do well when grown outdoors below about 42On.
Flowering: 45-50 days.
Height: 120-150 cm.
Yield: up to 100 gr.
Harvest in greenhouse: mid-October.
Yield in greenhouse: up to 500 gr.

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very nice outdoor plant nice n sweet n sticky
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