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Mr.Nice Seeds - Critical Skunk

Mr.Nice Seeds - Critical Skunk
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A wonderful union in the making. Since Critical Mass has stormed the scene in Europe and gaining recognition in other places world wide, its cousin Critical Skunk is a great alternative to those who wish to get a plant that has all the benefits of a plant that will make the grower and user equally as happy. It is a worthy relative and is definitely gaining its own momentum amongst the Mr. Nice Seeds family of breeds.

Critical Skunk has the potential to be a heavy strong plant and one for those commercial ventures. We would expect it to yield similarly to the Critical mass 650-800 grams per square meter.Of course we are talking of a selected mother being cloned in this yield estimation.

Family of breed: 75% skunk, 25% Afghan
Preferred medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse

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