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Mr. Nice Seeds - Ash (Afghan Skunk X Afghan Haze)

Mr. Nice Seeds - Ash (Afghan Skunk X Afghan Haze)
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This Afghan skunk – Afghan haze hybrid (ASH) is rich in fruitiness (from the Afghan skunk parent) and boasts a strong and recognizable smell and taste. ASH can be grown by all types of growers who can also benefit from its medicinal properties. This strain performs well in normal soil, hydro or coco. It finishes flowering between 9-11 weeks. Some may finish after 8 weeks.

Yield varies from 450 to 600 g/m² indoors but can become massive in outdoor setups. Thanks to the 25% haze influence, this strain is better adapted to cooler climates than most Afghan hybrids. It also has good mould resistance.

Genetic makeup: ¼ Skunk, ½ Afghan and ¼ Haze-Thai/Columbian/Mexican
Type of grow: bio and hydro, outdoors/greenhouse
Yield: 450 -600 g/m² and more outdoors.
Flowering period: Indoor between 8 to 10 weeks. Outdoor: ready by early to mid-Oct.

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