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Mr. Nice Seeds - Angel Heart

Mr. Nice Seeds - Angel Heart
Special Request

Special Request


Angel Heart is a Mango Haze/Afghan Skunk hybrid. If there existed a cannabis strain a flavour close to absolute perfection, Angel Heart would be that strain. The delicate combination of terpenes and the unique taste it produces will leave you gobsmacked. Do not miss the opportunity to cultivate this special edition strain by Mr Nice Seeds.

In an indoor setting, this hybrid strain needs about 60-70 days to flower. Harvest is expected by the start of October. Count on a yield around 500 grams.
Preferred medium: bio and hydro, outdoors/greenhouse
Recommendations: flower out the selected mother by cloning. Keeping the seed mother to produce clones for flowering will possibly increase the speed at which it flowers.
Special Notes: Selection of this plant should go on the flavour you prefer. You will need to be very hard on yourself to kill the girls you do not think are for you as they will all have something special to offer.

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