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Mr. Nice Seeds - G13 X Skunk

Mr. Nice Seeds - G13 X Skunk
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G13 x Skunk has an Afghani ancestry that has been combined with the mr Nice Skunk line. This creates a plant with excellent value, especially considering its medicinal benefits (can be used for pain management, MS, arthritis and depression).

Indoor growers can expect a yield between 500-650 grams per square meter, depending on the growing method and selection of the plant. This mainly Indica plant does not stretch much and lends itself perfectly to cultivation by both beginners and experts.

Its flowers can become very dense, so check for mould in case of high to moderate humidity in the later stages of the plant’s life. Most plants finish after 7 weeks, a small percentage requires a week to 10 days more. This plant is suited for SOG cultivation and will impress both indoor and outdoor growers.

Genetic makeup: Afghani/ Skunk x Skunk1
Medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors, outdoors/greenhouse
Yield: indoors expect 500-650 g/m2, outdoor results depend on weather conditions.
Flowering: Indoors: 7-9 weeks.
Harvest: September.

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