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Paradise Seeds Feminised Magic Bud

Paradise Seeds Feminised Magic Bud
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Shayanashop brings you yet another product from Paradise Seeds: Magic Bud, an entrancing mix of indica and sativa genes. This plant produces wonderful crystal covered buds in a rather short period of time, around 56 days indoors.
Magic Bud’s marvelous velvet shine truly is a sight for sore eyes. Just make sure you’ll be able to resist cutting off a branch or two out of sheer impatience. He who waits until the plant has matured will be rewarded with the finest tasting buds.
The plant has a bushy growth pattern and needs a little extra room so that it can use its growth potential to the fullest. It has a medium to high yield and will give you a spellbinding harvest after only 8 weeks.
Once your magic buds are ready and you have rolled them into a magic wand, they will entice you with their enchanting aroma. Magic Bud has the power to both relax your body and move it upwards to mythical highs.

Plant Type: Indica/ Sativa
Flowering period: Approx. 56 days indoors. Outdoors middle of October (N.L.)
Yield: 400 grams per m2 indoors. Outdoors approx. 500 grams per plant
Environment: Indoors. Outdoors between 50 N.L. and 50 S.L.
Effects/Buzz: Pleasant Sativa-Indica high
THC level: 12-15%


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