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Sensi Seeds Feminised Super Skunk

Sensi Seeds Feminised Super Skunk
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The famous Super Skunk was a revolution in the cannabis world. For years, nearly all cannabis cups and competitions had been overrun by Indicas. Sativas were too weak, grew too slowly and did not taste that good. All that changed in 1990, when Super Skunk was released.

Super Skunk is cross between a Skunk 1 and a Afghani hashish plant. This union resulted in a perfect plant both in regard to its strength, yield and taste, praised by commercial and amateur growers.

The Sensi Seedbank now brings you the feminized version of these classic seeds, producing uniform and consistent results. Get ready for some really big bud production, excellent taste and a thick layer of THC-resin. Growing them is like a walk in the park. Prepare for an intense high

Type: Indoor & Greenhouse
Flowering: 45-55 days
Height: 120-150 cm
Yield: 125 grams

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