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Bonguru Seeds Shiesel

Bonguru Seeds Shiesel
Special Request

Special Request


Soma says delicious, Pollinator says great hash producer!

Bonguru's Shiesel was bred for the perfect combination of high and taste. The indica effects come mostly from the Shiva parent, and the buds produced have a profound and hashy taste. This variety thrives whether grown in a hydroponics or soil setup.

Shiesel is a cross of a special select Shiva from Dutch medicinal growers with New York City Diesel. The Shiva adds even more ooomph to the NYCD and the buds retain the exotic bouquet with a little extra fruit! Shiesel needs steady feeding and patience during her 9 to 10 weeks plus time but growers will want those extra weeks of resin production that is apparent by the growing dank sweet odor verging on acrid.

Lineage: Shiva x Diesel
Genotype: Mixed, Primarily Indica
Vegetate until 4-7 internodes.
Flowering time: 63 days
Germination: Soak the seeds overnight. Plant the seeds directly into small pots at a depth of 0,5cm (1/4 inch). Do not overwater!
Quantity: Sold in packs of 10.

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