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Happy Caps brings you Space-E, the strongest and speediest herbal XTC. Space-E contains a strong mixture of herbs like sida cordifolia, ephedra sinica and many others. It will push your energy to the limits for at least 8 hours. So do not take it if you plan on leaving early ! Experience a long lasting tingling feeling that will lift you up into the sky !


Experience effects that are similar to natural XTC. But mind you, unlike many others, this Space-E does work! Sida Cordifolia and Ma Huang contain Ephedrine and similar compounds, that are known around the globe for their stimulating properties. The tingling body sensation is produced by adding white willow, guarana and other herbs to this crazy mix.


Take 1-2 capsules with a glass of water, juice or soft drink. Effects start after 30-60 minutes, depending on your stomach content.

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Wow these were great!! weehaaa shayana i looovve U!..


yep, it did work. took two and felt the effects, lots of energy (heart beat was rapid, it wasn’t nice). then I took one more but it did not boost the effects. I had real trouble to sleep, couldn’t sleep until morning.

I took them all 4 at once. No effect at all! Pure waste of money. Don't buy it


ca va pas de koi en faire un etalage... ca frisonne c tout, un léger speed, aprés ca casse dodo...

I took one cap and there weren't any noticeable physical or mental effects. Perhaps if I were in a situation that demanded more strenuous physical activity, I would have experienced increased energy, but I doubt that this would be anything more than the placebo effect. Next time I will try taking two caps. Also, these contain niacin, which is known for producing a warm, slightly-tingly feeling all over your skin. I have taken niacin before, and this was not anything like that.

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