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Druids Fantasy

Take a trip to a mystical and psychedelic land, with this, the ultimate legal and natural psychedelic. Druids Fantasy contains a natural source of D-lysergic acid amide, together with intoxicating herbal extracts, for a truly visionary experience.


Giggling at things that aren't funny. Colors appear brighter. Traces and visual distortions are common euphoria. Mild feelings of nausea are fairly common, after initial ingestion


Take 2 capsules with a lot of water 30 minutes before the desired effect.



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So me and my mate brought 6 of these each. we took the first 2 each at 1:15pm and felt pretty hyped up due to waiting 4 days for them to arrive. we took another 2 each at 1:45pm. this time we took one capsule normally, and the other we opened and eat. DON'T DO THIS. it was the worse taste i can say i have ever had. by about 2:15pm we decided to take the last 2 each. (we know we went 3 times over the recommended dosage per hour, but it is really hard not to take more when your dying to trip:P) by about 2:30pm we both felt IMMENSELY sick. and this lasted until about 5:15pm. this is when we both actually thought it wasn't a waste of money. the sun looked bright, the colours looked strong. and i was on a pure hype. but then came the sickness again. after only half an hour of feeling hyper. i was back to feeling very ill again. at about 8pm i decided to go around my girlfriends and left tom. (just so you know, he didn't feel anything at all, all night) when i got to my girlfriends i relaxed. and this happened to be just what i needed. then i looked at a tree and i was tripping. finally i was hallucinating. all of the trees were covered in brightly flickering christmas lights (Actually an illusion from the sun) i could not drag my eyes away from this beautiful sight for about 20 minutes, despite people trying to talk to me. i then lay down and noticed that all of the lines on the ceiling were bending and wobbling and then the ceiling was opening for me. i wanted to climb out of the hole and thats when i noticed i could see straight through my hand. after a while of playing with my newly see through hands and the bending ceiling i noticed other things happening. a picture of a woman on the wall was moving. her eyes were watching me. the mirror i looked into was bending like one of the mirrors at a fairground. and everything was growing in front of my eyes. and then yet again came the sickness. i decided to go downstairs with my girlfriend and then i noticed the television. all of the colours were fantastic. so strong and vibrant. and the people seemed as if they were stepping out of the screen. the i laughed. and giggled. and cried. to the point of nearly being on the floor. i just could not stop myself laughing. but nothing was even funny. when this stopped i decided to stand outside and then i noticed just how beautiful the sky is at sunset. when i returned to my girlfriends room i became ill again. things were still growing and moving, but all it was doing was playing with my mind. i couldn't take the nausea again so decided to go to bed. it was 10:30pm by now. i felt horrible. stomach pains from not eating. illness from the pills. and 6 long hours of tossing and turning in bed. my final verdict for these tablets is just don't go there. i spent pretty much 8 hours feeling ill, just for a couple of hours of hallucinations. yes the hallucinations were strong. and yes i enjoyed them. but the sickness was just too much for me. when i eventually went to sleep on the night. i woke up in the morning and still felt horrible. i felt dizzy, still sick and had stomach cramps. don't take these tablets unless your sure you can handle the nausea!!!!!!!!


TOTAL DISAPOINTMENT!! I ATE ALL 6 AND NOTHING AT ALL HAPPENED. Waste of money and VERY disappointing. By the description and cool name/design I had really expected something interesting but I did not even get the predicted being sick. This is a total no-buy. Or maybe it would do somthing for people who have never ever EVER done ANY other drug before and feel high when they use a regular dose of cold medication.

it made me play with my mothers fanny, i was trippin oot ma nut man, absolutely mental shit, ah started fancyin ma sister, ah even tried to chat up ma dog, and when ma dad spanked me for punishment i came


Not a bad experience - took just two half an hour before a party, and could feel a nice, subtle change for hours after..

Was a bit disappointed overall. I've only tried MJ before, but this is too weak. I tried 8 pills, more than the recommended 2-6, and I still only feel slightly buzzed. Mostly, my heart's just beating like a jackrabbit and I can't concentrate. Haven't had a single "psychadelic" vision, sensation, or perception. Try the'll get your money's worth there.

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