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Most of the Bantu-speaking people have traditionally used inner shavings of the bark as a stimulant and aphrodisiac. It is only used when mating rituals occur. These orgies have been known to last up to fifteen days, with doses of Yohimbe increased gradually over that period.


The first effects are lethargic weakness of the limps and a vague restlessness, similar to the initial effects of LSD, chills and warm spinal shivers may also be felt, few times accompanied by dizziness and nausea. MDA produces a similar reaction and effect. A relaxed and somewhat inebriated mental and physical feeling, accompanied by slight auditory and visual hallucinations follows. Spinal ganglia are affected, causing an erection in males. The effects last from two to four hours.


There are several techniques for preparing Yohimbe. The traditional way is to bring 2 cups of water (per person) to a boil. Thirty grams of Yohimbe is then added to the boiling water and allowed to boil for less than four minutes. Turn the heat down and let the brew simmer for an additional twenty minutes. Strain the liquid and sip slowly about one hour before the effects are desired.


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