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Jolly Trippy

Send us a postcard from the awesome trip you are about to go on. Let yourself be taken to the highest of highs with this Jolly Trippy product. With the blend of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and Guarana get the right balance of harmony and trippin’. Jump on the magic roundabout and enjoy the ride. One or two caps will make sure your body and mind are in harmony with each other on your next visual journey.


You will get a similar reaction as with LSD. Do not try and control the wave of trippyness and let yourself be taken on the magical mystery tour. Expect the effects to last about 4h and be careful not to eat during the effects.


Take 1-2 capsules with a glass of water. Effects start after 30 minutes, depending on your stomach content. Take 1 capsule if your a beginner and 2 if you are more experienced.

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I swallowed just one pill (it's far enough for a beginner!) on an empty stomach.
I started to feel the effects after 15 minutes, but it took more than an hour to reach the peak.
Except for some nausea, cold sweat and a nasty sensation of intoxication (probably due to Baby Woodrose...) that lasted a few minutes (to riduce them you should lay down and stay still!) I felt a sense of lightness and wellness with altered emotional state (loneliness, love, etc.) and mind clearness that let me focus on some matters of my life in particular and Universe in general.
All the experience lasted about 4 h with 1 h of afterglow in which I felt discomfort coming and going like waves.
Not so bad, guys!
Give it a try...if you dare!!!


WOW Realy nice stuff. It feel like shaking all around. NICE NICE. I want more of this!

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