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Jolly Spacy Caps

Jolly Spacy Caps
Jolly Spacy Caps

One small step for man, one huge boost of stimulating energy for mankind. Blast into outer space with Jolly Spacy and feel sensational in both body and mind. With the blend of theobromine and geranamine you will get that tingly buzz that keeps you going. Live more intense music and feel the beats stronger than ever with its XTC type reaction. 1 or 2 caps will make sure the force is strong within you and you will never give into the dark side.


You will get a similar reaction as with XTC. This stuff really does work and with extra ingredients such as white willow and guarana you will feel every sensation all over your body. Expect the effects to last about 8 hours so don’t take this if your planning to go to bed early... alone.


Take 1-2 capsules with a glass of water, juice or soft drink. Effects start after 30-60 minutes, depending on your stomach content.



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A small trip report...

+00:30 My eyes got very relaxed, could see my vision becoming narrower.
+00:45 Feeling quite calm. Thinking about taking one more, but a little later, want to see how it develops.
+01:05 Well, something is going on but only a little. Took 1 more.

+02:00 I feel lighter on my feet, but at the same time a bit tense and anxious or irritated overall. The second one definitely boosted the effects, but i'm not seeing the resemblance with Molly at all. It's a very light buzz.

+03:30 Disappointed of the effects. I feel like i need to take more for this to work properly.... It plays with the mood, sometimes i feel relaxed and calm but it comes only in very small breezes. Then it's back to irritated mode.

+05:30 Not feeling anything for a while.

Although i'm not too familiar with the main ingredient, i feel like the dose of it should be higher. Could be just me tho...



I think the most important ingredient in these is the geranium extract, which contains DMAA. The effect is not so strong, but for me it was pleasant. I was uneasy and wanted to dance to beautiful electro for five hours. My body was very light and movement just felt good in this mood..

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