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Psych Energy Pack

Psych Energy Pack
Special Request

Special Request


Five products to allow you to experience different sensations. With this pack you get 1 yellow cabs, 1 smart xtreme, 1 dionysos, 1 explore and 1 fifth gear. Yellow cabs and smart xtreme will keep you up all night for partying or just hanging around with friends.  But, if you’re in more mental mood take dionysos  for a mind broadening experience and a different reality view. With explore you will feel good and relaxed with a clarify mind and a trance like sensation. 5th gear will extra boost both your mind and your body, so it’s perfect in case you need to stay awake with your brain working well. All this in one pack for 15 euros less!


Do not take more than the indicated dosage on the pack. 1 capsule 45 minutes before the desired effect, since effects may vary depending on your organism try just one capsule first for testing!



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