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Dionysos, the god of ecstasy guides you into a new world without you having to pack your bags. Dionysos stimulates your senses and enables you to view yourself and others from a different perspective. You will find yourself in a dreamlike state of mind and will experience colours more intensely. Dionysos offers you a great alternative for a night out. Light some candles, lower the music, lungs free of smoke, no glasses of alcohol, but mind stunned by Dionysos. It is seeing with your eyes closed.

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Nothing after 4 pills. Bad. Worse.


I dont agree with the description of it. No home if taking this. Got 5 of it. Nice night I had. Very suitable for a dancing night. You keep drinking beer... it holds you up. Nice color and lights. Happiness. Thats it!

Didn't really feel anything was actually dissapointed. I have always thought shayanashop kicked ass ..and still do but this and the NXT phase stuff was a let down.

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