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Raw Super Shredder Grinder

Raw Super Shredder Grinder
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RAW_Super_Shredder_Grinder_b.jpg RAW Super Shredder Grinder
Shred and fluff at once with the RAW Super Shredder Grinder!

Made in the USA from Aircraft Grade alumnimum, this premium grinder is super slick, washable and built to last a lifetime. It is designed to perfectly grind and fluff your herbs so that they burn better. The Super Shredder is also conveniently pocket-sized for use on the go and features a removable washer and an innovative tooth design for superb grinding results.

The RAW Super Shredder comes in an attractive gift box, including a little note which tells you more details about its history. This high-quality grinder will meet even the highest demands with ease.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

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