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Magno Mix 4 Part Grinder Gift Box

Magno Mix 4 Part Grinder Gift Box
Special Request

Special Request


Sweet grinding followed by a good pressing. Awesome gift set for your smoking brother or sister. Precision made, machined aluminum grinder with separator screen for processing dried herbs. Magnetic lid, with Magno Mix laser etched logo, opens to reveal two sets of precision engineered diamond shape shredding teeth. Matching 60 mm precision engineered aluminium pollen press. Unscrew end caps, add your herb of choice and then tighten them up. Leave over night and then unscrew and extract your compressed slab.

Size: grinder - 50 mm diameter. Polen press – 60 mm.
Material: high grade aluminium.
Colour: grinder – silver with lazered Magno Mix logo. Box – black with Amsterdam logo.

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