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Leaf Glass Gift Set With Magno Mix 2Part Grinder

Leaf glass gift set with Magno Mix 2 part grinder

Great present to give to a smoking buddy or a nice bit of kit for yourself. This all in one gift set contains a Magno Mix 2 part grinder with a magnetized lid and lasered Magno Mix logo. The glass pipe will always be protected inside the box and smokes just right for the perfect hit. Also inside you will find a pack of five metal pipe screens and a matching lighter. This is all packaged in a metal gift box with an acrylic window for storing all your needs in one place. Decorated with various shades of your favourite green.

Size: box - 14 cm x 10.5 cm x 3.5 cm; pipe - 8.5 cm; grinder - 50 mm.
Colour: black with green marijuana leaf motif.

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