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Straight Acrylic Bong - 39Cm

Straight Acrylic Bong - 39Cm
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Special Request


Get ready to wow your friends as you pass this vibrant acrylic bong around. With a height of 39cm and made from lightweight, durable acrylic, this straight bong is ready to travel from party to party with no effort at all. 

39,0 cm
4,0 cm


A bong’s basic function is to filter and cool down the smoke to give you as smooth and enjoyable an experience as possible. Bongs are made of almost any material and in every shape and form. Some come with special features like ice notches to cool the smoke down faster, removable stems, and percolators, so pick a bong that will stand up to the kind of usage (daily or occasional, portable or more home-based) that you intend to make of it, and remember to clean often for an optimal smoking experience.

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