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Grace Glass Brisbane Bong

This Mini bong Recycler is an extraordinary piece of glass art. It is made of a high quality heat proof borosilicate glass, formed in the shape of a beaker base tube.

You can place your precious herbs on the detachable 3 point bowl, connecting to a built-in chillum. The chillum is used as a diffuser for spreading your herb into the tube, so that it gets filtered by the water. It also comes with an oil bowl, nail and adjoining saxo tube. With the use of the oil bowl, nail and adjoining chamber, you can recycle the collected oil.

Height - 15cm
Diameter - 45mm
Socket diameter – 14.5mm
Colour - Clear
Material - Glass
Wall thickness - 5mm

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coole kleine glasbong. leicht zu reinigen, einfach komplett in reinen Alkohol eintauchen und mal ein paar Stunden stehen lassen.
Wirkt auch bruchsicherer als andere sehr dünne Vasen, die bei mir oft schon am 3. Tag kaputt waren. Empfehlenswert. Danke lieber Shayana Shop

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