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Magic Bong Cleaner
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As glass bongs and pipes get more complicated in their design, cleaning them properly can become a real problem. We have found the perfect bong cleaner that is guaranteed to clean even the dirtiest of glass bongs or pipes in 15 minutes!

Follow these simple steps to a fresh smelling and squeaky clean glass bong or pipe.

1. Get a heat resistant bowl deep and big enough to fit your glass bong/pipe in.
2. Put the glass bong/pipe and the Magic Bong Cleaner into the center of the heat resistant bowl.
3. Boil some water and fill the heat resistant container making sure that the glass bong/pipe is totally covered.
4. Agitate the bowl, make sure you don’t burn yourself, to ensure all the interior of the glass bong/pipe is immersed in water.
5. Leave for 10 minutes.
6. Using a pair of cooking tongs give your glass bong/pipe a small shake to dislodge any remaining dirt.
7. Leave for a further 5 minutes.
8. Lay out a dry towel next to the heat resistant bowl.
9. Carefully remove the glass bong/pipe from the heat resistant container using the cooking tongs (Be careful as it will still be very hot!) and place it on the towel.
10. Once it has cooled down, rinse with cold water and now your glass bong/pipe is as good as new and smelling fresh and clean!

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