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Bonguru Seeds Goofy Grape

Bonguru Seeds Goofy Grape
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Special Request


Goofy Grape is the result of one lucky cross between William's Wonder "Lifesaver" and a very special "Lavender" pheno from Soma.

It grows shaped like a Christmas tree, but instead of presents, you’ll find thick buds bursting with THC. Goofy Grape has a very specific, sharp grape juice taste. This is followed by a strong indica, cerebral high. Not the kind of strain that leaves you glued to your couch.

Lineage: Lavender x Lifesaver
Genotype: Mixed, Primarily Indica
Vegetate until 4-7 internodes.
Flowering time: 60 to 75 days
Germination: Soak the seeds overnight. Plant the seeds directly into small pots at a depth of 0,5cm (1/4 inch). Do not overwater!
Quantity: Sold in packs of 10.

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